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Dance Moonlight – Sky Wu


舞月光 Dance with Moonlight – 伍思凱 Sky Wu **



愛情是一條漫漫寂寞路 戀人個個感到無辜

love is a endless lonely road,
all lovers feel innocent when in it

孤獨的靈魂習慣了獨舞 踩不出和諧雙人舞步

a lonely soul is used to his/her solo dance
he/she can’t dance harmonious steps with his/her partner

你想要逃時他開始追逐 他孤注一擲你開始怕輸
用情越刻骨越像在迷途 愛神不輕易賜給人幸福

he/she stars to pursue you when you about to run away,
when he/she becomes a member of forlorn hope, you’re afraid you’ll goin’ to loose
the more you love someone the more alike youre in a puzzle
God of Love won’t give happiness to people too easily

愛情是一座荒蕪的花圃 戀人個個掩面而哭

love is like a gardon which goes out of cultivation
lover cover his/her face and cries one by one

相遇的人呀若只是過路 別吝嗇打個美麗招呼
相愛的人呀若願意共渡 丟一顆種子入塵土

if you just pass by, don’t be begrundgingly n say a beautiful Hallo to each other
if you lovers who’re willin’ to spend your life time n take to each other for entire lifetime,
just drop a love seed into the soil n let it grows

荒野之上紅豔奔放 不看滄桑只問痴狂
天在天上人在人旁 忙去夕陽舞月光

on the wilderness, flowers grow bold and dazzling
don’t look back vicissitudes, only ask to besot n crazy
the sky is above there, the someone is nearby your side
just rush to sunset n dance with moonlight

wanna sing, wanna fly, wanna jump upon the sky …

please correct my translation.. if you’re willing to .. . 🙂



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