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Could You? by DuMu



Could You (Translation)  
 Could you tell me in person
 Tell me that you don’t want me to wait for you
 Look at my eyes, in front of me
 Tell me that you’ll no longer sentimentally attached to me
 Could you tell me that you’ve forgotten my face
 Could I stop pine for that you might be here?
 Please do tell, tell me in person
 Should I? I understand. You’re like night-blooming cereus.
 Must I? Deeply. Fallen into love sea
 Know better? Clearly. It’s one of the variable of life.
 Only confused, I’m already all dusted
   (repeat once)


可不可以 – 杜牧 ** (CD-RW 的網誌, 林兮) / Notation
詞曲/林兮 編曲/周志宏;演唱/杜 牧 
合音/杜俊輝 大提琴/陳主惠 吉他/杜俊輝
 看著我的眼 當著我的面
 真的說出口 親口對我說
 應不應該 明明白白 你不過是曇花一現
 應不應該 深深沉沉 跌入愛情海
 應不應該 清清楚楚 這是人世變數
 不料迷迷糊糊 已滿身塵土




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Nothing much to say. Am just another ordinary person from the dirt, likes to listen to variety of music but mainly rock n mental ones, to boom my head.

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